This is us!

I am M and I am a 31 year old teacher from Canada.  My fiance is G and he is also a teacher, 25 years old and also from Canada. 

We met last year at work when he came in as a long term supply for my colleague who was ill. As we became friends at work it became clear to both of us that there might be something worth pursuing. We began dating at the end of May of 2009 and by August he had moved in.  He proposed in October and our wedding will be just over a year after the proposal, on October 16th, 2010.

G asked me to marry him on a Sunday afternoon. I had a feeling that we was going to ask me to marry him that day but I wasn't sure by any means.  There had been a couple of hints during the week that something was up, such as him suggesting that we go on our weekly hike on Sunday instead of Saturday as we had planned. The proposal did not go quite as he had planned out none the less. We had gone to church in the morning and then to brunch afterwards. I felt exhausted and a little sick after brunch so he suggested that I take a nap. Of course he loved that idea because it gave him an opportunity to call my dad to ask him for permission (we had talked about marriage already and I had mentioned that my dad was pretty old school!).  When he came in to check on me I noticed that his hands were cold and I asked him why he had been outside (I had wondered if he had been on the phone), he said he had just run out to the car. 

He asked if I was feeling better and I said no, and asked if we could cancel the hike. He said of we could and he laid down with me. We spent the afternoon talking in bed and eventually I admitted to him that I had thought he was going to ask me to marry him so I had felt horrible about canceling the hike but since he had taken it so well I figured I had been wrong. He laughed at me for being so silly and said that he hadn't been planning anything of the sort.

About an hour later, we were still talking and he got a funny look on his face and I asked him what he was thinking, and he asked me to marry him. I had of course, messed up his plan. The next week, on our weekly hike, he showed me where he had planned on asking me, a beautiful bench on the escarpment with a view of the area from above. But now as we look back the proposal was perfect for allowed us the privacy to celebrate our engagement. :)