During March Break Graham and I went out to look at tuxes. We looked at a couple at the store where we wanted to get them but they only had two on display there and I thought it was important to see the actual tuxes rather than just pick from the catalogue. This is when I came up with my wonderful idea that I shouldn't know what Graham would be wearing before the day of the wedding since he doesn't know what I am wearing either. So I sent him out to the showroom with his Best Woman and my one male 'Bridesman'.  They spent an hour picking stuff out and they decided on all the details. I know pretty much nothing except they ended up picking out a tux that was $10 more than the ones we thought we wanted and that Graham is wearing tie/vest/etc. that are different from the other guys. I also know that the tie/vests/ etc are neutrals, so likely blacks/greys/whites) because I told them that if they picked a yellow for it they had to bring me a swatch so I could match the florals. Other than that, I am in the dark, so no pics.

Wedding Dress - updated with first fitting! - and last fitting!

I had no idea what I really wanted for my wedding dress. I was very nervous about going to try one on because I have some weight to lose before the wedding and I was not looking forward to trying on dresses that were to small for me. So I put off trying dresses on until about 2 months after we were engaged. I wish that I had started earlier now but I still ended up with something I really love. I thought for sure I would end up with a Maggie but I had a hard time finding the one I really wanted to try on (if you look in inspiration you can see all the things I 'thought' I wanted).  I went to 4 stores in total and this was probably the 25th dress I tried on, and the last. All I knew was that I really wanted something strapless and that made my waist look as small as possible!  I also really didn't want a train because I would break a bustle for sure!  I was surprised though that my dress had so much 'bling' and that it had pick-ups. Two things I swore up and down that it wouldn't have.  I was most happy with the price, it was around $500 with tax.  I figure it isn't a crazy over the top dress but I am fine with that because I am going to be wearing it for about 12 hours and then it is going to be given to charity.   It is a Private Label by G dress and I got it at Rainbow Bridal in Hamilton.

In August I came home from St. Lucia and got to try it on for the first time in my actual size once it arrived at the store...you can tell which pictures those are since I am way darker in them and have silly corn rows in my hair!

And then in September I had my dress altered (second to last picture below). All I really had done was the neckline - made it a sweetheart. I like it but part of me wonders if I liked it better when it was not sweetheart! Oh well, it still looks fine. There is also a picture of my shoes with the flower I bought for them. And I order a veil but I don't have it yet.


This veil was kindly lent to be by a friend, which meant that I will be able to save the cost of the veil, something I love since I find them to be so expensive. It is a slightly different colour than my dress but it photographs fine and the ladies at the store said nobody would notice! It is about elbow length I think and it has a light silver edging. Excuse the silly look on my face in the pic! - ETA: I ordered a new one since this one REALLY didn't match my dress


I bought these at Aldo's for just over $60 with tax. I don't know if they are going to match my dress perfectly but they are low (but not flat) and they are comfy. Plus, I think I will actually wear them again. That I like.


I got a clutch for the wedding, it matches the style that my BMs have!