Ceremony - Hawthorne Hall at the Old Course

This is the room where we will be having the ceremony. In the picture it obviously isn't set up for a ceremony but the room has a beautiful slate floor and a fire place on one wall. The opposing wall, where we will be sitting, has nothing on it. There will just be white chairs set up with a short middle aisle.


The ceremony decor is going to be very simple.  The room has white wall with wood beams and a grey/blue slate tile floor. There will be white folding chairs set up in rows and a short aisle. The wall that our guests will be facing is a large white wall and I know that it won't be very 'exciting' but I can't really imagine anything I could really do to the wall that wouldn't be permanent. There will be a table to the left of us that will just have a white table cloth on it as well as one long, low floral display (that will later be taken to the reception room and used on the cake/guest book signing table).  On either side of the table there will be pedestals with a tall, wide vase. In the vase there will be sunflowers of varying heights, some submerged in the water, others not.  These two vases will also be moved to the reception room after the ceremony and used as decor there.  I have been debating making some pomander balls to hang off the chairs that line the aisle but I am going to have to wait to see if we have any room in our budget.

Ceremony - Plan

Prelude - Selections from Bach
“Sleeper’s Awake”
“Sheep May Safely Graze”
“Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring”
“Adagio in G Minor”
“Air on a G string”                                             
Pachelbel’s “Cannon” in D
Bach’s “Prelude to Cello Suite #1”                                            
Candle Lighting             
First Reading  - “The Art of Marriage”            
Song - Jon Forman’s “Your Love is Strong”       
Second Reading - John 15                    
Hymn - “Be Thou My Vision”                                
Exchanging of the Rings
Signing of the Register - Ben Fold’s “The Luckiest”                   
Recessional -  Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”