Bride's Attendants

My MOH was an easy decision really. My friend J has been my closest female friend since university. We met in 1996 when we were freshman and our first year after our undergrad we lived together. She is an amazing woman, who knows all my secrets and also just happens to be an event planner so she actually wanted to help with a ton of stuff. She wrote up our budget spreadsheet and to-do checklist. She came to check out venues and with us and went dress shopping with me. I love her to death and am so happy that she will be standing next to me!

In 2001 I met my co-worker, and soon to be friend S. We were roommates from 2004 until 2008. He is such an important part of my life that I couldn't possibly imagine not having him as part of my wedding party, even if he does have the 'wrong bits' according to tradition. So I figured I didn't care that one person next to me would be wearing a tux instead of a dress.  He also happens to be a design god and therefore is graciously helping us with our wedding website and all things paper.

G and I discussed fairly early on into the process that we wanted our siblings in our wedding party, it was just a question of on which side.  G has two sisters and I have two brothers. I really wanted to reach out to my FSIL so I wanted them on my 'side', which means G got my brothers!  I am so happy that L and T agreed to be BMs, I have had such fun getting to know them better during the past few months.

Groom's Attendants

G has a hard time picking his Best Man because he wasn't 100% sure who he wanted. But I think in the end the choice wasn't really all that tough to make. He picked his best friend from teacher's college, A!  So in fact, he has a Best Woman. I couldn't be happier about it, she is an amazing woman and I know he is in good hands!  She was REALLY excited to be his BW and is taking her role very seriously. I can't wait to see what the bachelor party ends up being like!

G also picked his brother-in-law, L's husband, as one of his groomsmen. J was very happy to be asked, especially after L was asked too!  G's two other attends were my brothers, J and N. They both live in Montreal and have only met G once but I know they were very happy to have been picked to be in the wedding party.