Here is my invitation suite...each guest (or couple rather) get a panel invite. Most will then get an online RSVP insert.  A few who don't use the internet will get a regular mail RSVP insert, as well as location details insert. Finally, for those who need it, the RD invite. Because the envelopes are black, wrap around labels! Invites went out August 12th...they made a nice pile!

Save the Dates

Here is our Save the Date magnet. It was designed by Scott (of course) and simply given to most of our guests by hand rather than mailed. It was really just way for them to get the date and the website info. We weren't going to do STDs at all but figured we could do the magnets DIY fairly easily. It is kinda cool to go over to friends' and family's places and see the magnets on their fridges!  Excuse the part where I wiped out our website address at the bottom!


Clearly this isn't paper so really, shouldn't be in the paper section! But it is a way that we are communicating a lot of information to our guests so I figured I would include it here. We are not really doing traditional RSVPs or invite inserts. There are a few elderly guests who will receive them but everyone else will RSVP online.  I 'erased' a section in the top banner that has our last names on it...internet safety and all!

Shower Thank-You Cards

I ordered these from cards and pockets too...the yellow doesn't match perfectly but I love them anyways.