My Rings

My engagement ring is a family heirloom that has been passed down from my paternal great grandmother, to my paternal grandmother, to my mother, to me. My mother gave me her e-ring and wedding band about a week before she passed away from cancer (in 2006) and she told me to make sure that whomever used them was the right man. I don't think the wedding band is 4th generation but I am using it too, because it was my mom's and it fits!

They both need to be cleaned and redipped but I am just going to get that done closer to the wedding day at the store where we bought G's ring.

His Ring

We bought G's ring in a jewelry store in the mall. We looked at lots of styles and eventually G just decided to pick a very simply style that matched my band. Of course his is new, clean and polished, so it looks really good next to mine!  In the lighting of my photo it almost looks two-toned. It isn't though, just plain old white gold.