This is pretty much the inspiration for our colour scheme.  We decided really early on that we wanted sunflowers to be the major floral inspiration for the wedding (G loves them and my nickname is Sunshine), we we went with this scheme. I didn't want dark brown because I feel like it is so over done. We included the grey to draw away from the 'bumblebee' look, and the accent colours will be found mostly in the floral  work, where I have asked the florist to work in more than just the sunflowers (see floral for more info on all that fun stuff!).

The Wedding party is all wearing black, the men will likely have accents of either greys or white. The yellow will be used sparingly so mostly it will be just black and white I think, but really I won't know how it works out until it is all put together on the day of!


I have had one meeting and LOTS of emails with our florist, who was recommended by my FSIL. I love her work and she made us an 'example' head table centerpiece. I love it! There are a couple things I would like different, most importantly white gerbera daisies with black centres. But other than that, it is great. I really like how she used different types of sunflowers.