Reception - Harris Hall at the New Course

The Harris Hall is the largest room at the club, found in the huge barn shown in the first picture below. They say it can hold 135 but I think it would be very cramped.  We currently have a guest list of about 118 people but I would be happy if we were at 104 for the wedding!  It is going to be set up much like in the photos, round tables for guests. We will also have a head table set up in a 'u' shape.  We also get access to the bar area downstairs which will be good for the cocktail and hors d'oeuvres before dinner as well as space for people to use when the dancing begins upstairs after dinner.

Order of Events

Here is how we organized our reception time:

Cocktail Hour (and a bit!) with Hors D'oeuvres
Guests Seated
Wedding Party Entrance
Bride and Groom Entrance
Cake Cutting
1st Course
Father of the Bride Speech
2nd Course
Parents of the Groom Speech
3rd Course
Maid of Honour and Best Woman Speeches
4th Course
Bride and Groom Speech
First Dance
Parents Dance
Everybody Dance!

Reception Decor

This is just a stock photo from our venue but I think that ours will look much the same, all white linens at least, I think. I am toying with black linens but I am not sure yet.  There will be one long table in the room and on the table there will be our wedding cake (until the start of the dinner, when we will cut it and it will be taken away for further cutting and serving), our card box and guest book. On the table there will also be the long low floral display from the signing table at the ceremony.  Some of the other decor in the room will be on the mantle above the fireplace. The two large floral vases from the ceremony will be put on the mantles, accompanied by 2 hurricane lanterns with candles, all varying in size and style, as well as some white pumpkins. There will also be white lights strung throughout the room, lining the wooden beams and the bar area. On the bar and the tables in the downstairs bar area there will be votive candles, small white/ivory coloured pumpkins and the bar and finger food menus.

The pics below are of some of the laterns that will be used on the mantles and also a bird cage as a card box.


There will be a mirror square on each table, I think it will measure about 6' by 6'.  Our centerpiece will sit on the mirror and will be made up of a wine carafe surrounded by 4 red wine glasses. The wine carafe will have one medium to large sunflower in it with some greens and black rocks at the bottom. The wine glasses will have floating candles in them and each will have a wine glass charm.  At the end of dinner someone will win the set of wine carafe, 4 glasses and 4 wine glass charms. In the pics below I used a black tablemat in lieu of the mirror. I think the mirror will look better. The flower in the pic is also WAY too big but it is what they had at ikea!

The head tables will not have the same centerpiece. They will have long, low floral displays of white, yellow, cream, ivory and maybe some peach and orange flowers in white vases.  There will also be tealights on the tables.